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Build a loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back

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Make your brand the destination of choice, with iVend Loyalty

Getting customers into your stores is one thing, ensuring they come back again is a different challenge. With so many options for shopping, focusing on the customer base you already have is one of the most effective strategies for achieving your goals.

iVend Loyalty is a flexible points & rewards management application that is available both digitally or on a card, with accrual across by points, visits, or purchases, and is redeemable across channels for discounts, gift items or other rewards of the retailer’s choosing.

iVend Loyalty enables retailers to develop deeper relationships with customers with visibility into shopping histories and preferences. Through mobile notifications, digital coupons, and reward points, offer personalized incentivizes for customers to choose your stores. An in-built part of the iVend Retail management suite, iVend Loyalty is also available standalone and can integrate with any other retail application using tools provided with the solution.

  • Make your brand the destination of choice at the start of the customer’s shopping experience or trip
  • Build traffic, conversion rates and transaction size and, done well, minimize expensive returns
  • Gain complete insight into customer behavior and buying patterns
  • Access customer data to optimize planning and retail operations
  • Suggestive selling based on their past purchases and browsing history (used for example in stand-alone emails coupled with digital passes, in store at mobile POS or to the customer’s smart phone, or online when making recommendations to iVend eCommerce shoppers)
  • Coupled with iVend eCommerce and its user polls capability, the more frequent and more valuable loyalty shoppers can provide insight into potential product designs and which ones should go into production
  • Coupled with iVend Reporting and Analytics, customer data can be analysed in detail to build meaningful customer segments and to develop programmes and services that maximize long term loyalty.