Bandwidth Management

Enhance network performance and productivityBandwidth Management

Cyberoam Bandwidth Management offers Layer 8 Identity-based bandwidth control, preventing congestion, bandwidth abuse and optimizing bandwidth and delivering higher ROI.

The solution prioritizes business-critical applications and users with granular Layer 7 and Layer 8 controls, supporting Cloud and SaaS deployments while lowering capital expense involved in bandwidth purchase.

Feature Feature Description Benefit
Layer 7 and Layer 8 Bandwidth Allocation
  • Prioritizes business-critical applications and users for bandwidth allocation
  • Prioritization based on source, destination, user, service, service group
  • Assured QoS for business-critical applications like VoIP, CRM
  • A bandwidth manager that supports bandwidth requirement for Cloud, SaaS applications
  • Prevents congestion and bandwidth abuse
Web Category-based Allocation
  • Bandwidth allocation based on website categories: webmail, social media, gaming, entertainment etc.
  • Upload, download limits
  • Layer 8 Identity-based policies with category-based allocation
Time-based Allocation
  • Bandwidth scheduling by time of the day
  • Committed bandwidth to business-critical applications during scheduling
  • A bandwidth manager that balances peaks and troughs in bandwidth consumption
  • Assured QoS for business-critical applications
Committed & Burstable Bandwidth
  • Committed bandwidth to critical users at all times
  • Policies to assign idle bandwidth to other applications automatically
  • Optimal use of idle bandwidth
  • Limits capital expense in excess bandwidth purchase
  • Delivers ROI
Logging & Reporting
  • Multiple WAN link bandwidth reporting
  • Options of on-appliance reporting and centralized reporting with CCC and Cyberoam iView
  • Supports optimal use of bandwidth with visibility into bandwidth usage
  • Identifies network attacks through excess bandwidth consumption patterns
  • Helps meet regulatory compliance