Managing Bandwidth

Don’t ADD bandwidth. MANAGE it.Managing Bandwidth

Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Identity-based Bandwidth Management delivers assured bandwidth availability to business applications over the Cloud, SaaS deployments and Collaboration and controls bandwidth abuse over P2P and other non-business usage.

Bandwidth Management

Cyberoam optimizes bandwidth usage and prevents network congestion, lowering bandwidth costs. It works in tight integration with Web Filtering, Application and IM controls to support high levels of security and productivity.

Key Highlights

Solution Components

Real-time Visibility into User-Application-Protocol Bandwidth Usage – Cyberoam’s Traffic Discovery offers real-time visibility into network, application and user traffic across Layers 2 to the Human Layer 8, identifying users and applications using excess bandwidth. It provides real-time alerts of unproductive usage and threat incidence, supporting quick response from organizations against compromised devices.

Controls Application and Website Bandwidth Utilization – Cyberoam allows individual or category-based bandwidth limits to applications and websites, enhancing security and productivity. Eg. Committed bandwidth to VoIP; low share to websites with non-business video, music, images; 64 kbps to IM to limit file transfer; nil bandwidth to P2P. Cyberoam allows organizations to limit access to specific applications to certain times of the day with duration limit. Eg. YouTube and Gmail between 5-6 pm.

Controls Layer 8 Identity-based Bandwidth Utilization – Cyberoam allows organizations to assign bandwidth quotas, capping upload and download speeds based on user identity. Committed and burstable bandwidth can be assigned. Eg. Committed bandwidth to CEO, YouTube access to marketing team after business hours, Gmail access only when excess bandwidth is available.