Cyberoam iView (Logging & Reporting)

Enterprises and MSSPs need a solution that gives them visibility into network activities and security posture from a single location. Cyberoam iView offers centralized logging and reporting of network and user activity over multiple devices across distributed locations for security events. It offers logs and reports of Cyberoam network security appliances, along with other UTMs and NGFW appliances, routers and switches.

iView Hardware

Next-Generation Reporting series of Cyberoam iView appliances (iView NR) are built using a powerful hardware for faster processing and more events per second; more effective storage capacity and per day storage limits; and a higher average retention duration. The new software architecture improves performance besides offering a smart UI.

Performance CR-iVU25NR CR-iVU100NR CR-iVU200NR
Events per Second (EPS) 500 1,250 1,750
Devices Supported (Max) 100 250 350
GB/day of logs (Max) 17 43 60
Average retention at 4GB logs/day 6 months 3.5 years 7 years

Terabyte Storage Space
The iView NR appliances offer high storage space to archive logs and reports, ensuring long-term and fully-accessible data retention.

Data Reliability & Redundancy
iView uses hardware RAID technology to address performance limitations of conventional disk storage and to offer redundancy and high levels of storage reliability in the event of hard disk failure. The database design aids both efficient storage and fast retrieval of the collected data.

Award-winning Support
iView offers commercial 8×5 and 24×7 support over email, phone and chat, in addition to annual maintenance contracts.

Aggregated & Comprehensive Reporting – Offers aggregated reporting across multiple devices and locations, providing 1200+ reports that give administrators a clear view of user & network activities and help identify trends that enable faster decision making.

Security Management – Allows identification of network attacks, their source and destination, enabling rapid action through a quick glance at the iView dashboard, its drill-down reports and identity-based logging and reporting .

Log Management – Logs and archives terabytes of data from multiple devices at distributed locations with smart indexing and easy search facilities, enabling quick retrieval, audits and forensics.

Identity-based Reporting – Offers visibility into user activities with reports such as top users consuming maximum bandwidth for uploads and downloads, top web users, users doing unproductive web surfing, users accessing P2P and other risky applications, top attackers and victims, and more.

Compliance Management – Saves compliance costs and efforts with single-click access to reports that help in meeting requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX. Easy access to inbuilt reports allows monitoring of security violations in networks, accelerating response to stay regulatory compliant.

Forensic Analysis – Enables reconstruction of events that occurred at the time of a security breach through iView logs and reports. This reduces cost of investigation and analysis and minimizes network downtime while gathering historical information.

Compatibility with wide range of devices/solutions – Aggregates logs / reports of network devices like Linux IPtables/Netfilter Firewall, Cyberoam security appliances, other UTM and NGFW appliances; HTTP Proxies like Squid; and all Syslog-compatible devices deployed across geographies from a single location, thereby making analysis and comprehension far simpler than in case of separate solutions.