Data Leakage Prevention

Plug leaky networksData Leakage Prevention

Cyberoam offers gateway level Data Leakage Prevention, protecting organizations from data leakage and loss occurring with data transfer over email, web and applications.

Cyberoam Data Leakage Prevention Solution

Cyberoam data leakage prevention solution offer Layer 8 Identity-based policies based on username and work requirement to help protect sensitive corporate data, preserve customer data privacy and meet regulatory compliance and security requirements while retaining work flexibility. Cyberoam network security appliances (UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls) offer gateway data leakage prevention controlling data transfer over email, web mail, file upload and file transfer applications.

Key Highlights

Email Leakage Prevention – Cyberoam enables organizations to implement Identity-based policies to block attachments and forward email copies of departing and pre-specified employees to their managers and IT security. The result is quick preventive action against data leakage. Email archiving prevents destruction of critical data.

Web Leakage Prevention – Cyberoam prevents file upload over HTTP, Web mail, FTP, P2P and other file sharing applications based on username and work profile.

Instant Messenger Leakage Prevention – Cyberoam blocks chat conversations based on pre-specified keywords and file transfer over IM in accordance with Human Layer 8 Identity-based policies.

Encrypted HTTPS/SSL Protocol Leakage Prevention – Cyberoam controls file upload over HTTPS/SSL websites, preventing misuse of this encrypted medium in the form of unauthorized transfer of sensitive data.

Logging and Reporting – Cyberoam’s Human Layer 8 Identity-based logging and reporting includes chat logs which help in monitoring and taking corrective action. The extensive logs and reports support CIPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS regulatory compliance. Cyberoam offers on-appliance reporting over network security appliance in addition to centralized reporting over CCC appliances and Cyberoam iView.