Web & Content Security

Security against web-based threats and data leakageWeb Content Security

Cyberoam offers a wide security cover against web-based threats, including the entry of malware, phishing, pharming, intrusions and unauthorized data uploads.

Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified security features deliver comprehensive network and data security while offering web protection, maintaining employee productivity, meeting regulatory compliance and preventing data leakage.

Key Highlights

Wide Security Cover from Web Threats – Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware scans web, Instant Messaging, HTTPS and FTP traffic, delivering web security against emerging malware.

Cyberoam IPS detects, blocks or drops intrusion attempts by detecting anomalous traffic.

Cyberoam Web Filtering detects and blocks third-party proxy and tunneling software, Google cache pages, embedded URLs and ‘safe search’ over search engines to prevent harmful websites from appearing in search results.

Data Leakage Prevention – Cyberoam Web Filtering blocks file uploads over HTTP, HTTPS and FTP while Instant Messaging and Application Visibility & Control block file transfers over IM and P2P applications, ensuring data leakage prevention and meeting HIPAA, CIPA, PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Layer 8 Identity-based Controls – Cyberoam Web Filtering’s Layer 8 Identity-based surfing policies based on user, group, work function, web category and duration or time of the day deliver high flexibility and web security and content security.

Coupled with Bandwidth Management which ensures bandwidth availability and data transfer limit based on duration and schedule of access for specific web categories, Cyberoam limits rather than blocks non-productive sites.

Layer 8 Identity-based Reporting – Cyberoam’s on-appliance reporting offers visibility into user and system activity, allowing organizations to take instant and preventive action to meet compliance requirements, enhance web content security and productivity. Based on the Layer 8 Identity-based visibility from Cyberoam reporting, organizations can create policies to prevent illegal download of copyright material, unproductive surfing, high bandwidth-consuming downloads and network attacks. The centralized logging and reporting requirements of enterprises are met by CCC appliances and Cyberoam iView.