Click & Collect and Curbside Pickup

Expand your channels with strategically designed product delivery options, such as Click & Collect, Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) or Curbside, core omnichannel services.

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Building a Healthy Retail Ecosystem

Click & Collect, Buy Online Pick Up In Store or Curbside is proving to be the hero of the day. More retailers are opting for these core omnichannel services, only possible with an integrated retail enterprise with a single stock pool and real-time inventory visibility. With these operational features in place, retailers can offer their customers more flexibility and control over when and where they collect their purchases. Rather than see this as a nice to have or something new that customers want to try, it’s quickly become a must. Beyond basic fulfilment, many retailers are seeing the positive impact BOPIS has on their bottom line and an opportunity to building differentiation from competitors.

New Generation, New Preferences

eCommerce is also important because of its role in the strategy to reach millennial generation customers. Millennials, which recently surpassed baby boomers share common habits of researching products online, buying based on social media information and online reviews and recommendations, and consider “buy online, pick up in store” offers as incentives to buy.

Integrating Bricks + Clicks Saves Money

  • A single stock pool approach powers omnichannel, with a 4% savings in inventory carrying costs & a 40% savings from improvements in inventory turnover
  • Integrated eCommerce & mPOS solutions enable sales associates to provide enhanced customer service and can increase overall sales by as much as 10%
  • Loyalty & eCommerce integrate to enable omnichannel transactions to move from one channel to the next and increase sales by as much as 20%
Integrating Bricks and Clicks Saves Money

The instant gratification of in-store shopping

Click and Collect is ideal for shoppers who like ordering online, but hate waiting for an item to ship or who don’t want to pay shipping charges. Click and Collect retail eliminates both the wait and the costs associated with shipping. iVend Retail’s shopper survey notes that 47.4% of people choose Click and Collect to avoid shipping charges, while 38.9% want to have their items right away, rather than waiting for shipments to arrive.

The added flexibility around returns plays a factor in the Click and Collect retail trend as well. Buying Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) alleviates the added hassle of having to ship back unwanted, damaged or ill-fitting items. In our survey, nearly a quarter (21%) of shoppers cited easy returns as a motivator for choosing to pick up an online order in a store when presented with the option at checkout.

Higher Online and In-Store Sales

Retailers need to maintain a presence in various channels (both digital and physical) to remain top-of-mind to consumers in today’s omnichannel era. eCommerce software that integrates to your other store systems allows you to increase both online and in-store sales by:

Providing capabilities for Buy Online, Pick Up in-Store (BOPIS)

Allowing for redemption & accrual of loyalty points online & in-store

Facilitating online sales & connecting shoppers to local stores

Harnessing customer data to enhance & personalise shopping experiences

Powering Retail Operations Around the World



Our focus was to optimise our business and we are always open to opportunities to grow Evergreen Health Foods. Our implementation partner, TRC Solutions helped us chose SAP Business One and iVend Retail as proven, robust and secure systems that also provides significant flexibility for our retail business.

– Marie Guthrie, Operations Manager, Evergreen

Making Click and Collect Retail Work

With more retailers offering Click and Collect services to increase sales and in-store traffic and more consumers taking advantage of it for the convenience and time-saving factors, it’s a great time to implement this omnichannel strategy into your retail ecosystem, if you haven’t already.

For Click and Collect to be successful, it’s imperative that backend systems are fully integrated. Your inventory has to synch with your eCommerce store and with your point of sale – and hopefully your ERP. It all has to be connected to make it work and to realize the ROI that other retailers are enjoying by offering BOPIS and BOSS in their stores.

Curbside Pickup is Here to Stay

Curbside pickup has become a lifeline and necessity for every brick-and-mortar business moving ahead. The convenience of this fulfilment options delivers convenience and fast delivery times for shoppers in retail’s ‘New Norm.’

  • Consumers worried about the second wave of pandemic are opting for Curbside, BOPIS and Click & Collect

  • Consumer confidence to buy from their favourite and trusted retailers has only increased
  • Digital transformation makes it easier for retailers to create an integrated and seamless experience across all channels

Curbside Delivery in iVend Retail

iVend Retail is ‘pre-built’ for Omnichannel Retailing – including Curbside Delivery

iVend Retail 6.6 installation – this may or may not be integrated to a core ERP

iVend Mobile POS – for contactless delivery

iVend for Magento Connector – integrating online orders to iVend Retail

Magento based shopping site