iVend Extensibility

Create new functionality and expand functionality needed to enter a new microvertical, or fill a functional gap to handle repair, rental, scheduling, and more.

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Win the battle of managing a successful retail business

iVend Extensibility allows for the addition of functionality like rentals, scheduling, vertical specific functionality (restaurant ordering or optical retail), customer history look up by attribute, and splitting sales, to expand your capabilities even further. Unlike other retail software, iVend Retail allows and accepts significant extension of its capabilities, without major rewriting of code or changes in its basic architecture.

iVend Extensibility for Custom Business Logic

Make the Most of iVend Retail with Custom Business Logic

We put all the power in your hands with iVend Extensibility. Our platform offers you the ability to customise and add on to create a system in total synch with the way your store runs. With the solid foundation of iVend Retail and our built-in extensibility, your system will never go out of style, whatever your unique business needs are.

  • Optical and hospitality modules with vertical workflows
  • Sales attribute pop-up screens to capture marketing information
  • Volume discount window to show a product that had special pricing offers upon item scan
  • Rental and repair functionality
  • Splitting on Account payments over multiple customers
  • Car wash add-on to look up the cleaning history of previous customers by license plate
  • Embedded alcohol ID verification at point of sale in liquor stores
  • Appointment scheduling