Complete Retail Management, Delivered on Cloud

In today’s digital world where things can quickly become obsolete, retailers have to continually innovate to remain agile. To stay ahead of the competition, more businesses are transitioning on Cloud as a cost-effective technique to quickly build the relevant capabilities that help them keep pace with the needs of their customers.

With iVend Cloud, retailers gain the freedom to focus more on daily operations and delivering exceptional brand experiences; we focus on delivering enterprise-class retail management as a service.

iVend Cloud is a Software as a Service offering that encompasses the full capabilities of the iVend Retail omnichannel solution suite with fully managed services delivered via a hosted infrastructure.

Designed for cost-effective expansion, streamlined operations, quicker speed to market, and the flexibility to scale up or down, iVend Cloud includes complete retail management with software modules for POS, mPOS, eCommerce, Loyalty, Digital Passes and Reporting & Analytics, and out-of-the-box integration to SAP Business One, S/4 HANA, IS-Retail, Sage 300cloud and X3, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Magento eCommerce.

Enterprise Retail on Cloud


Boost Store Agility and Customer Satisfaction

Uncover the value of blending traditional store and Cloud processes in our free whitepaper, Four Reasons To Reach For The Cloud While Keeping Your Feet On The Ground, and start taking the next steps toward the Cloud.

Application Management Services

Administration of the iVend Cloud application, including operation, maintenance, versions and upgrades are all managed by iVend Retail, including performance optimisation for an environment uptime of 99%.

Infrastructure Management

Administration and upkeep of the iVend Cloud technology system is provided by iVend Retail to ensure maximum throughput, data backups and advanced security measures.

Outcome Oriented Support

iVend Retail ITIL specific framework aligns our 24/7 support services with the needs of your business for immediate resolutions and unlimited web-based support.

Control Unexpected Software Costs

Gone are the days of retailers hosting their own servers, as more organisations transition to the simplicity of the Cloud. Instead of costly hardware and infrastructure investments in the acquisition of servers and related maintenance, iVend Cloud customers are free to focus instead on cash flow, productivity and employee payroll. In partnership with Microsoft, iVend Cloud applications are hosted on Microsoft Azure. iVend Cloud customers are only responsible for iVend POS supported hardware and Internet connectivity.

24/7 Support

iVend Cloud includes 24/7 Support in the standard license fee based on the Support365 Standard. Comprehensive Application and Infrastructure Management makes the iVend Retail team an extended IT team for your business, providing access to responsive, trained resources who are instantly knowledgeable about your retail technology solutions.

Accelerate the Delivery of Business Results

With retail on Cloud, management can remotely access company performance data anywhere and at any time, allowing for increased productivity and better customer service.

Retail on Cloud provides increased speed and agility, often resulting in higher computer utilisation rates overall.

Easily implement multiple levels of security so that employees can safely and efficiently move data throughout your enterprise with end-to-end encryption that preserves integrity and reduces the potential risk of exposure.

Retail on Cloud allows businesses to expand quickly and with ease. Because retailers aren’t constrained by their internal resources, they can scale up as needed, without having to pay for unnecessary capabilities.

Business Benefits

  • Scale your retail footprint faster, without the burden of investing in traditional IT infrastructure in stores or at the head-office
  • Respond faster to rapidly changing and lofty consumer expectations
  • Access the latest technology without increasing budget, while maintaining an agile infrastructure
  • Minimise up front capital investments to simplify global expansion
  • Save on capital investment by running applications on iOS or Android devices
  • Ensure co-existence of traditional stores with on Cloud stores with support for various store formats and geographies
  • Free up in-store staff to focus on delivering personalised customer experiences
  • Run the most updated software – as the entire in-store IT application management is achieved centrally
  • Centrally manage master and transactional data to ensure up-to-date customer information, including interactions across various touchpoints – web, mobile, stores
  • Scale up more quickly with support for deployments for everything from pop-up stores to permanent expansions, and scale down just as quickly if business conditions change
  • Plan for peak load times to avoid overloading systems with appropriate IT sizing
  • Access Enterprise-Class infrastructure and application management services regardless of business size

Focus on What Matters in Retail Today

Focus on growing your business and let us deliver retail excellence with complete infrastructure and managed services. As your business evolves, iVend Cloud will accelerate your digital transformation.

Experience Retail on Cloud

In the competitive world of retail today, agile infrastructure can help businesses grow with a minimal IT footprint.

How can iVend Cloud help deliver business results?

iVend Cloud leverages a new SaaS model to accelerate a retailers’ ability to offer new capabilities to their consumers and employees in a nimble, scalable, and cost-effective manner. Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of deploying your solutions on Cloud.

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