The Issues

  • In a busy hotel environment, keeping everything running smoothly can be difficult. We present a comprehensive solution to manage guests and hotel facilities alike.

System Architecture

The system incorporates elements from both our ANPR and new Access Control product ranges. Automatic Number Plate Recognition will be used for automating barriers and offering parking guidance upon guest arrival, with Access Control used for monitoring hotel and restaurant access. Security systems in the hotel’s shops and elevators provide discreet surveillance, all integrated into one VMS platform for ease of viewing. In addition, the hotel can remotely access their VMS system via the Viewer App, for viewing live video, playback and PTZ control.

Voucher Management

Our products streamline the restaurant booking process for efficiency. Giving each guest paper vouchers for mealtimes is not always easily managed- what if a guest loses their vouchers? - or eco-friendly. For a paperless solution, each guest is issued a MiFare waterproof silicone wristband upon arriving at the hotel, which can then be used to check-in to the restaurant. Restaurant staff can use a tablet or small PC to verify each guest’s entry, monitor who is attending meals, and easily manage large families.

Video Management for Shops

The smallest dome camera, the tennis ball sized our IP Mini Dome Camera provides a covert solution with features including a built-in-microphone and 30M IR distance. The PZD6422 provides 355-degree monitoring and full PTZ controls- housed in a 3” dome chassis. This ‘Mini-PTZ’ uses Auto-Tracking and Programmable Tours to ensure full area coverage. Using our NVR provides both recording and power, housed in a sleek, 1U chassis for a compact installation. Staff can use the Viewer App and P2P connection for a secure remote monitoring solution.

Parking Guidance for VIPs

Our ANPR solutions can take the stress out of managing guest parking. Opening gates and barriers can be automated through our AI engine with number plate recognition. Rules can be created, preventing entrance after a set time, and only allowing access to vehicles registered to current guests and staff. This solution can also offer each guest parking guidance to a free space through a HTML based display-preventing long queues, arguments over spaces, and creating a better experience for the guest from the moment they arrive, using the IO Box integrated into the system to provide live updates on space availability and location.

Time Attendance

Managing a large number of employees with different shift patterns can become complicated and monitoring their punctuality difficult. Our web-based Access Control software combined with the hotel’s existing ERP system can create a log of employee attendance and arrival times for over 1000 staff which can be exported to a CSV file when required. As the software is web-based, it is easy to access remotely, presenting the ideal solution for a busy manager. Prevent employees from fraudulently clocking in by linking the system to a camera feed for authentication purposes.

Elevator Solutions

Elevators can be fitted with Access Control panels to allow only registered guests and staff access to the residential floors, a key security measure that will protect guests. Each elevator can be outfitted with a micro-dome or low-profile dome for surveillance purposes. Both cameras feature built-in-microphones, providing video with audio recording in case of an incident in the elevator.

Navigator Client Software

All features can be incorporated into our Navigator software in order to present a comprehensive video management platform, providing remote access to manage both the NAV servers and NVRs. Navigator Client allows both synchronous and asynchronous playback and live views- all displayed on the same screen. This software allows for centralized account and camera management from a control room, without having to physically move between recording units to access footage or settings. Navigator Client can also be used to a create a Mosaic TV Wall using multiple monitors.