The Issues

  • It is difficult to manage large quantity of cameras. Our Mosaic TV Wall is able to support AHD DVR, NVR, NAV VMS, or even third-party devices.

System Architecture

Scalable 4K TV Wall Solution
Support 2x2、2x3, and up to 12x12 monitors
Support H.264 and H.265 video streaming
Support screen recording and streaming
Keyboard supported

Mobile GPS NVR on Map

Support eMap for mobile NVRs with GPS tracking
Fleet, school bus, and vessel on board video
4G and satellite video over P2P communication
Mobile NVR GPS tracking supported

Mosaic TV Wall

Support sequence display
Multiple room TV walls supported
Screen recording and streaming for internal management
Third-party ONVIF cameras and NVRs/DVRs with RTSP supported

Case Study

Worldwide mosaic TV wall installations