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Nowadays, Most of the business now see real-time reaction capabilities as a necessary to keep up and/or outpace the competition. Real-time abnomaly detection is one of the most important particular areas where tech innovations have become an absolute necessary requirement.

AI Solution Process

All Information Share Immediately All Information Share Immediately

All Information Share Immediately

So far, however, the majoroity of organizations have been relying on manually and delayed statistical abnormal detection techiques. Unfortunately, some of them could only show partially performance with Ai Vision Abnormal Detection can majorly enhance the accuracry, speed, and quality of abnomaly detection in any division.

How Ai Vision is BETTER

Self-Developing not open source
Delicate Ai Vision Module for delicate object
Customize base on requirement
Self-Learning system, Low maintenance cost
Integrable with exciting system


Ai Vision smart inventory system can be used with the internal inventory system. Use A.I. to inventory the goods in and out. And when the goods in stock is too low, it will proactively notify the adminstrator. It can reduce errors caused by manual inventory and improve the efficiency


It is different from the simple recognition of license plate in the past. Ai Vision combines A.I. algorithm platform and deep learning framework to analyze and recognize letters and numbers from different angles; no matter how tilt, front or back of angles, or even in bad weather circumstances, Ai vision can recognize license plate.


Ai Vision smart weighbridge system integrate with license plate recognition and the company's internal system. It can automatically pick up the goods, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.


Ai Vision can replace the former manual inspection and reduce the errors. It can provide and effective management with a consistency, immediacy, and overall image of the production data, makes the business decisions are clearer. Manufacturers can also use the data in management, it alwats a milestone in optimizing production process. The production process data management system in a traditional way requires manager to process workflow and deal with the information from several units and categories. This can greatly reduce the efficiency of administrator and production units.


Face Recognition
Face Query
Easy based direction
Protection Security

Face Recognition System compares the information with a database of known faces to find a match and verify persomal identity with high accuracy even under complex conditions, but it also raises privacy issues. The system can also combine with outdoor access control, attendance monitoring blacklist and whitelist verification.

Smart Garbage Classification and Analysis

Smart Garbage Classification and Analysis with AI. Artificial Intelligent (AI) could learn and make the decision automatically without being explicitly instructed. Waste or garbage can be gas, liquid, or solid. The types of waste is including biological, industrial, and household. Household waste can be cardboards, plastics, papers, glasses, bio waste, etc.

Camera Integrity Check (CIC)

Camera Integrity Check (CIC) is an AI intelligent tool used to detect failures in the camera system. The CIC system help spot what issues and which camera need to be maintained. This provides time-saving, maintenance cost reduction, and camera system optimization

Ai Vision

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